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Easy Vocal Warm-Ups

Easy Vocal Warm-ups © has developed a new tool to help the young singer.

Easy & Essential Preparation for the Young Singer has all the tools needed to get your voice in top condition.
  • Posture
  • Breath support
  • Vocal placement
  • Vowel shapes
  • Articulation
The CD takes you through each step, giving you a clear understanding of how to use each warm-up properly for maximum benefit. Before long you’ll be singing freely with less effort and strain.
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Here’s how it works:

Lesson 1

Breathing: The CD teaches you how to take a good deep low breath. This helps you maintain support for long musical phrases, singing with strength and power without yelling and maintaining pitch for long soft singing.

Lessons 2-6

involve creating an open pure sound. Singing light with emphasis on the head voice.

Lessons 7-9

teach students to place the voice in the front of the facial mask introducing the nasal element needed in singing.

Lesson 10

a staccato diaphragmatic exercise.

Lesson 11

Sing High Sing Low helps establish vowel consistency and vocal placement on higher and lower pitches

Lesson 12

Pizza with Cheese is an articulation and vocal placement exercise.

Lesson 13

Many Mumbling Mice stretching the low register using a fun sing-able song that emphasizes open vowels.

Lesson 14

No Ho Staccato diaphragmatic exercises.

Lesson 15 & 16

Are fun tongue twister songs that emphasize articulation.
Listen to a sample Listen to a sample Listen to a sample Listen to a sample

This is a total and complete vocal warm-up. Designed to get your voice ready:
  • Before your voice lesson! Spend less time at your lesson warming up and more time working on your song!
  • Auditions! A total vocal warm-up will get your voice at peak performance to impress that director!
  • Talent Shows! Whether it’s a pageant or the next American Idol, your voice is in top form and ready to shine.
  • Introduction to voice lessons. Even if you’ve never taken a voice lesson before, Easy Vocal Warm-ups can help you begin your journey to becoming a better singer. Each lessons comes with quick but essential instructions, helping you become a better singer right away!
What our clients have to say:

...the best way I know to get ready to "get the job"... strength and technique...

...You will be stronger and more confident ...

...well structured, creative

...done within in a safe vocal range,...
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